Our Vision
Our shared vision is for WCCHD to lead Williamson County to be the healthiest county in Texas.
We are:
• the recognized authority for unified health initiatives,
• fully integrated and aligned with the communities we serve,
• the trusted countywide public health resource,
• a coalition builder, and
• a strategic and data-driven agency.

Our Mission

The Williamson County and Cities Health District, in partnership with communities, protects and promotes the health of the people of Williamson County.

Our Values
WCCHD employees commit to: 
  - Act honestly and ethically 
  - Show respect toward each other and the public we serve.
  - Support, educate, and partner with the public we serve to achieve our vision and mission
  - Promote a positive work environment through teamwork, good communication, and continuous learning

Our History

The Williamson County and Cities Health District has provided public health services to Williamson County since 1943. Our Public Health Centers and offices are located in Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Taylor.

Public health departments play an extremely important role in improving and protecting the health of individuals and communities.

Achieving national accreditation helps ensure that we can deliver essential public health services to the public, such as preventing disease, ensuring access to safe food and water, immunizations, and preparing for and responding to health emergencies.The Williamson County and Cities Health District was one of the first public health departments in Texas to be awarded accreditation status by the Public Health Accreditation Board. To achieve accreditation, WCCHD underwent a rigorous, multi-faceted, peer-reviewed assessment process to make sure it met or exceeded a specific set of quality standards and measures.

Our agency was known as the Williamson County Health Department until 1989 when it was organized as a health district, a separate governmental entity under Texas law. The Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) was established via a cooperative agreement between the governing bodies of the cities of Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Taylor and the Williamson County Commissioners Court. The cooperative agreement was updated in 1992 and in 2007 at which time the cities of Liberty Hill and Hutto joined the Health District, and again in 2013 when Leander also joined the Health District. Learn how we are funded.

For 2018, the total operating budget is $8,739,624. The member governments’ contributions total of $1,603,039, or 18.3% of WCCHD’s budget.
The majority of the operating budget (68.5%) is funded from state and federal grant sources ($2,605,840), contracts with St. David’s Healthcare ($1,950,000), and Medicaid payments ($1,431,745).